Insurance Agents

Navigate the Waters of Risk Mitigation with PremiumCaptains

In the world of boating insurance, ensuring the proficiency and safety of vessel operators isn’t just good practice—it’s a cornerstone of your business. At PremiumCaptains, we’re dedicated to providing the highest caliber of maritime training and services, making us the ideal partner for insurance agencies who value risk mitigation and customer satisfaction.

How Can We Assist You?

  1. Insurance Sign-Offs: We provide hands-on, comprehensive training that satisfies insurance requirements, making it easier for you to onboard new clients.
  2. Risk Assessment: Our expert captains can evaluate the seaworthiness and safety protocols of vessels, helping you tailor your insurance packages.
  3. Client Education: Offer value-added courses on safe boating practices to your clients, elevating your agency’s service offerings.
  4. Maritime Legalities and Documentation: Assist your clients in understanding the legal requirements for international waters, making their sailing experience hassle-free.
  5. Emergency Preparedness: From Named Storm & Hurricane Management Planning to Safety System Protocols, we prepare boat owners for all contingencies.

Why Partner with PremiumCaptains?

  • Expert Credibility: Our captains are certified with either USCG Master Captain Yacht 100 Ton Certification or RYA Certification and possess at least 730 days of on-water experience.
  • Quality Assurance: Through meticulous vetting, interviewing, and background checks, we ensure high-quality service, reflecting positively on your agency.
  • Hands-on Training-Centric: Our deep commitment to maritime training makes us a natural extension of your risk mitigation strategies.

Give your clients the peace of mind they deserve, seal the deal with PremiumCaptains to navigate the complexities of boat insurance with utmost confidence and expertise. Click here or call 954-745-0734.