Named Storm & Hurricane Management Planning

“…if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there”
​- Captain Ron

Hurricane planning is not only important for the safety of your vessel but is also necessary in order for a boat to be insured. Insurance companies require owners to device and submit a Named Storm Plan to inform them of what you plan to do with your yacht in the event of a named storm approaching.

For boat owners whose boats are in the cone, this plan becomes more important than ever and is often what makes a very difficult and nerve-wracking situation manageable. These plans are quite detailed and extensive, and require professional expertise.

Premium Captains and Yacht Care is here to help.

Self-Managed Hurricane Plan

We now offer you the solution to build your own hurricane plan for your insurance purposes.

Premium Captain Manages Hurricane Plan

If you’re looking for a Named Storm Plan, and live in the tri-county area (Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami-Dade County) we will devise the plan for you, and be there for you to do the work and protect your investment if and when this time comes.

Professional Expertise

Our team of Premium Captains along with crew have extensive experience in preparing boats for hurricanes and named storms for many years here in South Florida. They can provide a thorough assessment of the vessel’s condition and recommend the best practices for preparing it for severe weather.

Effective Preparation

The use of extra lines, the removal of soft goods, and the taping down of doors and latches are some of the best practices for preparing a yacht for a hurricane or named storm. Our team coordinates these practices and ensure that they are carried out correctly, minimizing the risk of damage to the vessel.

Tailored Approach

The specific needs of each yacht can vary based on the size, location, and condition of the vessel. Yacht management professionals and captains can provide a tailored approach to hurricane and named storm preparation, based on the unique needs of each vessel.

Peace of Mind

Yacht owners can have peace of mind knowing that their vessel is in good hands and that every precaution has been taken to protect it from severe weather. Our Premium Captains and crew take the risks so that you don’t have to.