The Premium Captains Assurance: Insurance Sign-Offs and Beyond

At the very core of PremiumCaptains’ unparalleled value is our distinctive approach to new owner training and insurance sign-offs. This crucial component has emerged as one of our most defining features, ensuring that our clients always navigate with confidence and peace of mind.

Our founder, Domonic, leveraged his experience in aviation, a domain where precision and safety are paramount, to ingeniously redefine our maritime training methodology. Drawing parallels from flying airplanes, he recognized that the heart of any skill mastery lies in consistency and repetition.

With Domonic’s innovative approach, PremiumCaptains offers a bespoke training suite that caters to various maritime needs. Key among our specialized training electives are:


Learn the systems of you boat from electrical AC/DC and plugging

Close Quarters Maneuvering Program

Designed to sharpen navigation skills in restricted spaces, this program is perfect for those who seek to master the art of tight spaces.

Docking Without Talking

Communication is often a challenge, more so in bustling ports or during challenging weather conditions. This elective ensures that our captains can seamlessly dock vessels with minimal verbal communication, prioritizing non-verbal cues and honed instincts.

Basic Sailing

Ideal for novices or those keen to revisit foundational principles, this course covers essential sailing skills, ensuring a robust foundation for more advanced maritime adventures.

Advanced Sailing

Tailored for the seasoned sailor, this program delves into complex maritime scenarios, advanced navigation techniques, and ensures that participants are equipped to tackle the most challenging of seas.

PremiumCaptains is not just about ensuring that you have a certified captain; it’s about making sure you have a maritime partner whose expertise, refined by our unique training approach, guarantees a sailing experience like no other.

Our deep commitment to education and safety has made us a preferred choice for satisfying insurance requirements. Join us, and redefine your sailing journey.