We are passionate about providing exceptional service to the yachting industry by doing what we say we’re gonna do when we say we’re going to do it and for the price we say we can do it for.

Move My Boat

Many of our seasoned captains are on the water over 300 days of the year. They know the routes, the seas and the weather patterns.

Hire for Survey / Trial Run

Brokers trust us with their clients and their boats. They know they can rely on Premium Captains to be there on time and competent.

New Owner Training

Earn your Insurance Sign-off after completing the Close Quarter Maneuvering Program and elect for the Docking W/O Talking Program.

Before You Buy A Boat

Our greatest desire is to help you find the proper boat for you… or maybe you find it’s not for you at all. All the bester to skip the headaches.

New River Pilotage

Our captains run the river every day and can comfortably bring your boat up the river safely saving you thousands of dollars on towboats.

Need Mechanic / Technician

You have team including a diesel mechanic and technicians to ensure your boat is ready to go when you need it.

The Trend

Changing Insurance Requirements

Covid has done a wonder in our industry as people are flocking from the cities to more remote areas, there are more opportunities for people to work remotely, more Internet options available.

Boats have become all the rage. Insurance companies have taken quite a beating in the last number of years with major hurricanes striking areas of populated boats and catamarans.

With their loss, they are stiffening up their regulations for who is able to be insured and who they will cover. They have restricted locations between latitude lines for many of their vessels in order to lessen their losses.


  • Insurance carries increasing restrictions and price
  • Requiring survey a list items to be fixed
  • Requiring training for new boat owners