Mechanical & Technical Repairs

At Premium Captains we provide seasoned, professional captains for boatyards and brokers throughout Florida, the US East Coast, the East Coast, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Gulf Coast and Central and South America. We accommodate yachts in the 40-100 ft range include motor and sailing yachts and motor and sailing catamarans.

Our Services Include Captains and Mates for:

Pre-purchase trials and surveys

Yacht relocations and deliveries

Yacht training for individuals and insurance sign-offs

Yacht maintenance programs

Located in Ft Lauderdale, we have established strong relationships with many of the regional brokers, surveyors and boat yards. Our experienced captains know the waterways, the tight spaces, haul-out slips, and even many of the lift operators by name. And, our captains will put your company in a good light with their professional and courteous service.

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Why use Premium Captains?

At Premium Captains, we’ve done the work for you- the interviewing, vetting, and background checks, saving you the time and expense of finding good captains. And we hire only the best captains to ensure your customers have smooth sailing every time!

Premium Captains Qualifications

  • Master ticket USCG 100 ton certified or
  • RYO (European Certification)
  • 730 days on the water
  • interviewed, vetted, background checks

Customer Service:

We understand the value you put on your clients, so our captains are also chosen for their exceptional customer service skills and courteous manner to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all aboard.

Through hundreds of trial runs, trainings and yacht relocations, we’ve established an excellent reputation in the industry. And, we consistently receive “5 Star” ratings from our clients, because of our experienced captains and customer-focused team. So consider us your “EZ” button for all your captains’ service needs- one call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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