Who We Work With

Welcome aboard to a sea of opportunities!

At PremiumCaptains, we’re not just a boat training service; we’re a full-fledged maritime community. By working closely with a diverse range of partners, we aim to make boating safer, more enjoyable, and more accessible for everyone.

Boat Owners

Whether you’re a first-time owner or a seasoned seafarer, PremiumCaptains serves as your maritime mentor. Our specialized training courses in engineering, advanced navigation, and more empower you to take command of your vessel with expert guidance. Navigate, maintain, and enjoy your boat as you explore open waters and hidden coves. With us, you’re not just a boat owner; you’re a master mariner.

Yacht Brokerages and Boat Yards

In the business of selling boats or providing yard services? PremiumCaptains enhances your client experience by offering top-tier training programs tailored for new owners. Our credibility and expertise make us an invaluable partner, elevating your brand by equipping your clients with the skills they need to safely and confidently command their new yachts or boats. Add value to each sale by partnering with us.

Insurance Agents

Accidents happen, but they’re far less likely when boaters are educated and prepared. That’s where PremiumCaptains comes in. We offer specialized courses that meet and exceed the requirements for various boating insurance policies. With us, your clients aren’t just insured; they’re assured—a win-win situation that builds trust and reliability.

Click here or call 954-745-0734 to set sail on a journey of collaboration and success. Join us in our mission to make the sea a safer, more enjoyable place for all.