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At PremiumCaptains, we provide experienced, vetted captains for engineering, close quarter maneuvering, insurance sign-off's and training on motor yachts and sailing yachts from 40-100ft including mono-hull, multi-hull, and catamarans.

Who is 

Premium Captains 

The scope of Premium Captains deliveries and relocations of vessels generally range from Canada to south Florida, The Bahamas and the Caribbean, as far as as Tahiti and the Hawaiian islands. Our captains can deliver yachts on the Pacific Ocean west coast, the Gulf Coast, up and down the Mississippi River to Chicago, the great lakes and the canal system connecting the eastern seaboard.
Many of our captains have done the Atlantic crossing sometimes multiple times. 

  • US Coast Guard and RYA equivalent master Captains and mates 

  • A dedicated project manager to oversee all of the details 

  • Captain services run like hospitality industry 

  • Trust in and learn from the teams who are at sea every week

You've watched the YouTube shows, sold a rental home, and have purchased a new boat! Woah - No one told you your insurance wouldn’t let you steer your own boat on your own.

We are your captain of record and walk you through understanding your boats systems and train you in the operations of your new vessel. Your insurance will likely require you to engage in active New Owner Training which is more the norm than the exception.

While many people find the thought of moving the boat a bit intimidating, Soon, you will be docking your boat in various situations without anxiety drawing from the toolbox of your new found skills and valuable experiences.

You will learn to make that boat do things that you never thought you could do by gaining skill sets valuable to forever lean upon from your training in close quarter maneuvering. 

You will learn thru the PremiumCaptains training that things don’t have to be so complicated and overwhelming. We teach you to dock your boat without evening needed to speak to each other, making you look like a pro!

Assuming a captain is a captain and can do their job to whatever degree is needed, it is most important that our team of people understand hospitality. Each of our captains must have the ability to be patient and impart critical skills to our client base as a coach in a friendly manner. 

Understand the systems on your boat and prepare to manage any safety issues while out on the water

Receive tips and tricks from the ones who do it every day building muscle memories for when it matters

Targeted learning with Premium Captains highly efficient didactic learning system

Evaluate weather and plan passages based on real data learning to make informed decisions

Brokers Trust Us
With Their Clients

The Trend

Changing Insurance Requirements

Covid has done a wonder in our industry as people are flocking from the cities to more remote areas, there are more opportunities for people to work remotely, more Internet options available. Boats have become all the rage. Insurance companies have taken quite a beating in the last number of years with major hurricanes striking areas of populated boats and catamarans. With their loss, they are stiffening up their regulations for who is able to be insured and who they will cover. They have restricted locations between latitude lines for many of their vessels in order to lessen their losses.

  • Insurance carries increasing restrictions and price

    Requiring survey a list items to be fixed

    Requiring training for new boat owners

Engineering & Systems 

Only YOU out there 

Who you gonna call when you are 200 miles offshore and a track on your head sail breaks, when your rudder control arm rips from it's base in 6' seas, when you happen upon a squall line delivering a
thunderous pounding 50 knot windstorm.

There is so much that you need to know. It is our job to give you a foundation for you to learn upon. It's no wonder why they call a boat by a female pronoun… It takes quite some time to get to know her. There is a lot of analogy.

During our training week, you will have the opportunity to learn all about your systems, we will give you tools to be able to manage and remember. We have written out strategies for your logbook.

You will need tenacity and courage when it hits the fan, and it will :) Let us help prepare you for your amazing adventures, and the hard lessons you'll never forget! 

Move My Boat 

Many of our seasoned captains are on the water over 300 days of the year. They know the routes, the seas and the weather patterns. 

Hire  for Survey / Trial Run

Brokers trust us with their clients and their boats. They know they can rely on Premium Captains to be there on time and competent.

New Owner Training

Earn your Insurance Sign-off after completing the Close Quarter Maneuvering Program and elect for the Docking W/O Talking Program 

Before You Buy A Boat 

Our greatest desire is to help you find the proper boat for you... or maybe you find it's not for you at all. All the bester to skip the headaches.

New River Pilotage

Our captains run the river every day and can comfortably bring your boat up the river safely saving you thousands of dollars on towboats. 

Need Mechanic / Technician

You have team including a diesel mechanic and technicians to ensure your boat is ready to go when you need it.

Core Features of Our Training

A Didactic Experience

Our goal is to deliver you a crash course on how to care and tend to your new boat. Brokers are awesome to hold your hand up until the boat is sold but there is no one for you to go learn from the really important things. ASA will not teach you the kinds of skills that you need out there on your own 

Our intention is to bring people from zero to hero over a certain journey through time getting their boat ready from the closing to experiencing their life safely on the water.  

Our training system is an boutique one-on-one yachting coaching program

  • Navigation, chart plotting, auto pilot, route planning

  • Engineering-understand every system on your boat

  • Safely learn the weight and response of your boat

  •  Progress from intimated into docking confidently

  • Amazing memories of your first days on your boat

We have been established in order to serve new vessel owners, insurance brokers and carriers, as well as serving as a trusted handoff from the yachts sales and broker ensuring vessel owners are properly trained. 
The objective of our proven system serves the safety of the owners and their guests aboard, the mitigation of damage to the vessel in order to lessen the liability to the insurance carrier, and general safety and knowledge to the new owner. 

We have established a training system which progressively walks clients thru all systems of the boat, educating them on direct and alternating (AC/DC) electrical current, engine management and maintenance, full systems and safety checks (preflight), close quarter maneuvering, precision docking, navigation, weather, and sailing (if applicable). 

Premium Vetted Captains

Our captains have to meet certain requirement and be vetted via background checks, credit scores, social media behaviors, and phycological evaluations. They are carefully chosen and vetted by our senior team.

Our New Owner training program employee kind heard patient men and women to coach you through the first stages of bog boat ownership and operation. Only the best humans get to be PremiumCaptains and serve you and your family, your business, and your clients. 

close quarter 






Thru muscle memory, and repetition, we learn a number of skills out in a large open arena designed to allow you to feel the boat and how she moves from a point of absolute safety in a patient environment. As you move thru the skills, and you gain confidence, we move into closer and tighter situations, increasing risk as we increase your skills , confidence, and abilities. Soon, you will be docking your boat in various ways without such trepidation finding the previous skill sets valuable in learning close quarter maneuvering. 


Motor yachts up to 100 feet

Most the time and 80 foot boat is going to have a full-time crew. More often than not owner operators will buy boats from 40 to 70 feet. At that point, there's a tendency to need full-time crew in order to maintain the boat and maneuver in tight spaces with dark lines and fenders 

You will learn how to use your boat in tight spaces with the most minimal tools available.


Great Features On Table

Campaigns is a feature we've developed since the beginning because it's at the core of Webly and basically to any marketing activity focused on results. It works on tablet too.

To sign up for Webly you just need to fill out and submit the Signup Form and you get access to 14 days of free trial.


Reports & Analytics Tools

Learn to say with our own ASA instructor on your own boat adding to the practicality and understanding of what it's like to be out there in the ocean, and return to manage the docking in handling of your boat yourself. 

  • Fill out and submit the form to create your user

  • Use the app and all of its features for 2 weeks

  • Before the end of the trial we will contact you

When you meet Dominic you'll understand why his title is simply GAS… generally our quarterback and the one that everyone wants

Domonic - Gas

I am glad to help you achieve your goals  with owning a boat. There's so much to learn and we are here to hold your hand…

Ambrosia - Brakes

Premium Captains has the potential of becoming a mandatory service in owner and yacht brokers day to day operations.

Carrie - Getter-Doner

We've prepared pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. 

Danise - Finance



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We are passionate about providing good service to the yachting industry by doing what we say we're gonna do when we say we're going to do it and for the price we say we can do it for.

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